Meraki: to do something with soul, creativity or love; the piece of yourself that you put into the things you create.  


Yoga trips for free souls. Yoga trips for you.


Travel - Yoga - The Sea - these three elements changed our lives. They are ingredients that have opened doors to new worlds and new experiences for us and we want to share our recipe with as many like-minded souls as we can. Another way of life IS possible. A simple life, where happiness for all (ourselves, all other living things, and the planet we live on) is the most important thing. Where connecting with and honoring those things is what drives and sustains us.


What We Offer: We want to share what we’ve found with the ones who are searching for it. That’s our intention. And besides that, we will do our best to ensure that you are happy : that you are (re)connecting with yourself, (re) connecting with nature, and making new memories that you won’t forget.




Our main focus, of course, is you : that you feel taken care of and that you have one of the best times of your life with us in our favorite places.

But our second main focus is always to give back. We try to leave everything - place / person / thing- better than it was when we found it.. Even if its only a teeny bit better, it still makes a difference.

That’s why, on each trip we take, we commit to organizing a beach clean-up. We pick the beach that needs it most, pull on our gloves and hats, and collect the trash. And that’s actually the LEAST we can do, So we won’t stop there… We are always looking for ways to give back to the paradises we visit and live more sustain-ably around the globe. "...even big waves begin with small ripples"


Join us!!


This adventure is for women in all seasons of adult life. 18 to 100. If you’re ready to ignite your passion for adventure, open your mind to new things/cultures, and meet like-minded life-long friends along the way… this is for you.


We are looking for vibrant, passionate, and active spirits who are not afraid of getting wet and salty. Those that are willing to say YES to new challenges and face old and new fears head-on.  

Having a desire to join us is all you need: no prior experience in yoga, surf, meditation, hiking, or backflippin’ is necessary. 


If you are seeking a super relaxing retreat, filled with daily massages…. Sorry, but this is probably not the one you’re looking for… On the other, other hand, if you are feeling super y-o-l-o and are looking to party until the wee hours of the morning… we would, again, advise you to look elsewhere.